Coral Reef

By · Friday, August 21st, 2009

Coral Reef

Many people are very passionate about making your home aquarium look like a piece of ocean that has been transplanted in their homes. Some people struggle cultivating their aquarium to themselves while some only likes to go out and buy your whole kit, tank, filter, lighting and all fish plants. This can be a easiest way to create an aquarium properly, however, the fun way is to start with the basics and grow your own fish and plants.

Some people are very good in raising their own fish and have formed groups where they can exchange their Home Grown aquarium plants, fish and corals as well. There is some joy in seeing their efforts to take final shape in the form of aquatic plants and marine life.

If you try to start a reef in your aquarium is not the type of gurus Advice to beginners share in this hobby. One is advised to start with a small aquarium that houses fish. Once you have a few months experience in caring for fish in the tank can move to try your hand at raising fish, plants in the aquarium. After a year you're ready to try your hand at growing coral in the tank.

Before running out to get some coral reefs for the deposit, remember that you are not just put a piece of rock to your aquarium. These are in and actually called polyps are tiny invertebrate organisms. The existence of these polyps in the tank of seawater depends on its ability to provide lighting adequate food and salt water.

To the coral reef to survive must provide salt water tank good at regular intervals. If the water is changed abruptly, is likely to send their polyps in a state of shock and ultimately lose them. You know that coral is in trouble for coral bleaching. Also you should be able to provide a pump to produce a strong current in the water as this is very important for the survival of corals.

Never forget that corals are living organisms need food. Many people in the mistaken belief that corals and other power plants in the water, in the photosynthesis. Nothing could be further from the truth. Corals need to be fed, like the other fish in the aquarium, at least 3 times a week. The Frozen food is best for coral reefs in the tank. Any food purchased in coral from the pet store that has opened more than 5 months should be discarded. Liquids or bottled foods available in the pet store and is best suited for the reef, as they do not dirty the aquarium.

Believe it or not eat large polyps pieces of minced meat! What do you know – from the carnivorous plants! However, remember that if the polyps are very small they are starving because large pieces of beef will be of no use to them. So stick to the food prepared in the pet store.

If you've done your research and have a good supply of nutrients from the store will have a coral reef in the living room in no time at all.

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