Decoration Pet

By · Friday, December 18th, 2009

Decoration Pet
Is it too crowded in Eclipse hex 5 fish tank with 2 goldfish?

I bought 2 small goldfish and keep in Eclipse 5 gallon fish tank hexagon and keep as a pet for the first time. There are no decorations in the aquarium at all, unless there is a filter at the top of the aquarium gravel and a little red at the bottom. Thus, it is considered full when I added decorations to the aquarium? The goldfish is 1 to 2 inches though.

Right now it's technically good, the problem is there are baby goldfish. If you expect them to become adults and live a normal life, then you will need a tank larger. 30-70 gallons depending on the breed of fish you have. A BABY doens't Goldfish need 20 + gallons, but a mature person. Ian

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