Diffuser Aquarium

By · Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Diffuser Aquarium
CO2 diffuser options!?

I'm on a tight budget. I wondered if there were things as CO2 tablets. If so, let me know. I want to plant my tank tomorrow, but im not going to waste the money if i dont have any CO2 in my tank. please help.

CO2 tablets are, but do not dissolve so effective. They are intended for use in a reactor where the gas accumulates, the funnel through a tube to a diffuser in the tank. A much cheaper option is a bottle of Flourish Excel, most pet stores carry. It will last much longer than the stupid pills, and there is concern whether or not circulate properly. What plants are you looking at using? Many can effectively utilize carbonate in the water, or enough to grow with the amount of dissolved carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Effective CO2 aquarium diffuser. 100% solubility.

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