Ferric Oxide

By · Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Ferric Oxide
Enter folulas of the following compounds:?

Ferric iron oxide and silver oxide (I) oxide, sodium and ammonium hydeoxide phosphoric phosphite baking acid copper (II) copper (I) sulfate calcium acetate the following compounds NAME: HI HIO HIO2 HIO3 HIO4 Nal Naio NaIO2 THANKS NaIO4 NAIO3!

Formulas: Fe2O3 FeO Ag2O NH4OH NaHCO3 H3PO4 H3PO3 CuSO4 Cu2SO4 (CH3COO) 2Ca names hipoiodoso acid hydroiodic acid iodic acid iodous periodic acid, sodium acid sodium iodide sodium hypoiodite iodite (unsecured) of sodium iodate, sodium periodate Hope that helped! Sorry, I gave some explanations, but I hope that the formulas and names may be useful. Good luck, Louise

Iron production from Ferric Oxide (rust)

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