Filter Dual

By · Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Filter Dual
How secure is the Tamiya acrylics model?

Hello, I use tamiya acrylic model paint for my gundam plastic models and I know whether to use dual filter mask to protect my outside, while brushing with this type of painting. I read somewhere that acrylic model paint is not toxic, but still very harm to your health and can cause cancer? There are warnings about not breathing too botttle. so please can someone who knows While acrylic model tell me what to wear to fully protect against this type of paint. thank you very much! This link shows you an accurate picture of the bottles that I am planning to use with my air brush.

There are metallic paints model. Every time you use a brush air creates the opportunity for these chemicals, and metallic elements to enter the lungs. Whether you use a dual filter mask or one of those masks SARS type of paper you should definitely use one !!!!!

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