Fish Bowl

By · Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Fish Bowl

Round Fish Square Bowl by Tom Skinner, and illustrated by Mini Goss is a concept picture book looking at the distinction of being different, and true celebration accepting our differences, no matter what it is.
The book romps with characters that children love: the pig, tortoise and the hare, the ugly duckling and the Mad Hatter. Toca in my favorite language of the tortoise and the hare, shows readers that can change our attitude towards our vision to transform the outside of the "square"! Obviously, the turtle was a winner against all odds.

This is a 'feel good' book for anyone in the 0-100 + age groups and is particularly suitable for those who have special needs of any size. Or just to read for pure pleasure, humor and illustrations to tell wonderfully bright their own history.

The characters in the book are easy to relate to, me, and love the way the author describes the uniqueness of being or feeling different, to redress the balance of each of us, and weaving a web of soft acceptance through each turning page.

Personally, I loved the book and could not wait to add it to my collection. It seemed easier to relate to the characters live in the entire book but the concept of being a piece square peg in a round hole. This particular idea became reality when I saw a child push a hammer and a block of forces round in a square hole in a plastic binder. It is both funny and hit home the theme of the book that may need the acceptance of celebrating our differences over the deal to bind ourselves and others to conform.
The book, Round Fish Square Bowl, is a gem for all ages!

A qualified proof reader in the field of education and mother of a child with learning disabilities I have helped to create children’s resource kits that combine researched work sheets and related crafts for family or class use.

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