Fish Reef

By · Friday, August 28th, 2009

Fish Reef
I have a reef / aquarium with a tank that turn yellow-brown with some yellow spots, what happens?

The Yellow Tang not so old that you should not have changed color, its about 3 inchs and was yellow when I bought it. Is not brown with some yellow spots, and my other Fish are also sick, what can I do? I have a lion fish, puffer fish and a rabbit that looks like they are starting to get the eye coudy. The balloon set in a tub to try to treat as it seemed to have ich and then got misty-eyed. It has become a little better after almost 2 weeks of being there (and now eats is more active).

Your fish are suffering form poor water quality that has allowed them to have problems fighting bacteria in your tank. Start changing the 10% of water each day. If you do not have a skimmer, get one. Also consider adding a vitamin and garlic to your tank. When the fish have recovered, I would suggest slowly increasing the amount of bare rock or sand bed to help with your biological filter. A

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