Flow Rate

By · Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Flow Rate
How do I calculate the flow through the pipe?

Di oil with a viscosity of 100cP is pumped through a 1 / 4 "pipe of 100psi. What is the flow rate? I'm just looking to calculate the approximate number. Ok Thanks density is 1 g/cm3. No further information.

flow is calculated by the continuity equation Q = A * VQ is the flux of A is the area V is the velocity also use the Reynolds number = Rho * V * D / family viscosity Rho is the density of V is the velocity D is day, also using P = Rho * g * h gh P is the pressure is gravity is the head once introduces the major data all these equations one can calculate the flow from now the data is not enough!

Drip Irrigation – Calculating your flow rate

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