Food Fish

By · Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Food Fish
Where can I buy food for tilapia fish? Which food for koi or goldfish flake food preparation?

I'm looking in culture tilapia fish for fun. I have to ask where I buy fish food for them. I'm not sure if he was hungry koi fish food or if they like normal flake food. Thank you very much!

As Karma said, tilapia cichlids are so any cichlid food to work for them. If you is raising thousands of fish, then you can buy Purina Trout Chow from a grocery store. It comes in bags of 100 pounds. It is a floating pellet food that can be too big for the smallest of tilapia, but Grind it up, work well. finely minced beef heart is a high protein food conditioning also can try. If you do it yourself, it will cost much less than if you buy frozen in a pet shop. Some tropical fish books have instructions on how to do in large quantities. It should not be the only food given to the tilapia, but many cichlids grow faster and better when given as a dietary supplement. One advantage is that is free of parasites and pathogens that attack the fish.

Japanese Food: Head/Eye Fish with Soup

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