Food Freeze

By · Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Food Freeze

Feed your fish twice a day with food floating. I recommend you feed your fish products such as those mentioned above. Start by feeding of the fish a very small pinch of food. Care watch them eat. If they eat everything quickly, and then give another hint. Feed your fish slowly in small amounts, given the opportunity to see and make sure they are all eating.

Keep giving them small pinches, while they eat all of it quickly. Feed them all you will eat while uneaten food.

Food that sinks to the bottom and not eat it cause water pollution, and make sure that all the food you eat. Use your network to eliminate the food not eaten after ten minutes. It's fun to feed the smaller fish some of Freeze Dried Blood Worms for dessert.

Other foods. It is good for most fish to eat some frozen or live brine shrimp and a few live Black Worms. We tried alternative feeding live or frozen brine Black with live worms. One day, most fish are brine shrimp, and the next day Live Black Worms arrive. Click here to read more about live Black Worms.

Do Your fish need to eat every day? No, they do not, but do not abuse them! Most fish that can be purchased from this website or elsewhere are very young, and like all young animals, they need food for at least two times a day, every day. Make a commitment to take the time to carefully feed the fish twice daily.

What food to feed fish

Most fish in small aquariums do well on a diet of flake food and freeze dried blood worms, larvae mosquitoes actually are. How to start a fish tank.
When you choose a fish dish, choose a large: at least one gallon. You also need a 3 small "fishing net wide, two 1-gallon bottles of drinking water, not distilled or deionized water, and some floating fish food. Along floating fish food that is etiquette for your type of fish plus some freeze dried blood worms, which are actually mosquito larvae, do an excellent diet for fish in his aquarium. Do not buy or use fish food that sinks.

Tap water is not safe for fish

Even if you treat the tap water directly from the tap on the condition water still unsafe for fish in aquariums. Bottled drinking water is safe for fish in aquariums.
Fill the fish bowl 2 "from the top with the bottled water, not bottled distilled or deionized water and then cover the fish bowl with a clean plastic from a coffee can for the fish not jump.

Their need for freshwater fish. Your fish can not live forever in the water forever. Twice a week replace 20% of water in your fish bowl with Bottled drinking water.


How to Freeze Food Properly

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