Gallon Aquarium

By · Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Gallon Aquarium

Astronotus ocellatus Oscar or are native to South America. Can be found in Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, French Guiana and the Amazon River basin. This is a member of the family Cichlidae more commonly called cichlids. This family includes, angelfish, disc and African cichlids. Many numbers of cichlids you discover new each year. So the actual number of species belonging to the family of cichlids is not clear. Estimates vary from 1,300 to 3,000 species different world wide.

Oscars are among the largest species of the cichlid family. They will grow to a length of 12-16 cm and adults weighing more than to 3.5 lbs. Do not consider buying one 10-gallon aquarium of their children.

Selective breeding has produced a series of specially bred for ornamental Oscar aquarists. Albino, leucistic, Oscar xanthistic marble and red are all the result of selective breeding. The variety with red color, is typically primarily sold under the trade name, Oscar red. The red pigment pattern differs from one individual to another. This is a highly marketable trait.

Oscars are smart fish. They are aware that another world exists outside their aquatic environment. They realize who it is that keeps fed. Oscar tends to surface when the owners are in the room. If you put your hand in the tank which is not very likely shrink. They have even been known to enjoy being pampered.

Oscars are primarily carnivorous. Can fed tropical fish flakes when small. There are commercially available fish food developed specifically for cichlids. As they grow, their needs food to be more substantial. Do not keep with smaller fish. They will not be there in the morning. Oscar use a suction device to capture their prey. Have been reported to lie on their faces in imitation of death in order to induce their prey to approach. Young Oscar can be fed tubifex and mosquito larvae, insects, crustaceans, minced meat and dried foods.

Oscar rarely taken into mono-species tanks. They require a water temperature around 79 ° F and a pH level of about 7.2. Oscar have a deficiency of vitamin C and should be supplemented. They will develop health problems if they are not. If you like the plant life in your aquarium you want to have floating plants if intends to increase the Oscars. It destroys the substrate of the aquarium plants. If they are provided adequate living conditions that can live up to 10 years old.

Oscar spawning

Oscars are strictly monogamous. That mate with one partner for life.

Oscar, like most cichlids, cleaned flat surface to lay their eggs. They are biparental substrate players. In lay terms, this means, once the eggs are incubated will burrow a shallow grave to keep the eggs in Both parents then keep watch over the eggs and the fry once they hatch.

The fry hatch about 36 hours after fertilization. Once the fry are free swimming they will have to be fed. Oscar fry can be fed rotifers, newly hatched brine shrimp egg powder or finely ground fish.

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