Gallon Tank

By · Monday, February 1st, 2010

Gallon Tank
What size Skilte 30 gallon saltwater tank?

I am setting up a saltwater tank 30 gallons and I'm looking for Skilte buy a filter for that. For a 30 gallon tank do I need a 250 gph or 400gph Skilte Skilte? Besides, do I need separate Protien skimmer with this?

I'm so glad to see some other refrigerators that know what they are talking. Skilters are rubbish. Do not waste your money. It is very important to have quality equipment to save money. We are destroying the Skilte and buy a better skimmer anyway. So buy a better one in front. A 30 gallon tank is not large. You can get away with his or CPR Aeroforce HOT (Hang On Tank) skimmer. You can consult the following link to a video of it in operation. The Aquac Remora Pro is another decent skimmer for a 30g tank. Again, it is better to buy the right piece of equipment the first time that the purchase of the same piece of equipment twice. Best of luck, swimmer

125 gallon saltwater fish tank

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