Garden Floral

By · Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Garden Floral
Should I buy a striped pattern curtain even though my bedspread is a floral pattern?

the colors match though but im not sure…

here are the pics if u want to c them:

Here’s the rule of thumb in decorating: you can mix any two, three or four patterns together, as long as they are in the same color scheme. Since your colors are the same (even if there isn’t the chocolate color in the drapes), you can easily put these 2 fabrics together. I wouldn’t hesitate. And just because someone makes custom drapes, it doesn’t mean she has a lick of sense about decorating… it just means she can sew!

Although these may not be your colors, you’ll get the idea that you can mix patterns as long as you keep the colors the same:$thumb$$%20125.00.jpg$file/AnyaD.jpg$278x278_Detail_Image$

Ok… that’s enough for you to get the picture! Hope this helps…

Your room is going to look great! By the way, I LOVE the comforter! One of the nicer ones I’ve seen!

Enjoy your new room!

Floral Fantasy Garden

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