Glass Hole Saw

By · Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Glass Hole Saw
What's the type of window unit that can cut a hole out and put on your door?

I saw someone do it in TV.They rectangle cut a hole in a metal door and put a glass window.but i cannot seem to find a line and I know that I'm using the right keywords.

By Usually its called 'insert door'. They can usually be found in any store-door … building materials, hardware, etc. I know our local hardware store has a selection of them in stock, all made to a standard size, so you can 'customize' the gateway to purchasing them. These are usually of a panel in the upper half of the front door. If you want real 'windows', be prepared for price shock, hehehe. Other options are "beveled glass," or "leaded glass". Here is a 'size' type of insert on eBay … but also offer real doors – And here There are some links you can follow to find more – http:/ / Have Fun

How to Drill holes on Porcelain Tile with Brazed Diamond Core Bits / diamond hole saw

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