Glow Coral

By · Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Glow Coral
I have a deficiancy reading! Help?

Poseidon (Neptune) was the brother of Zeus. Poseidon was a son of Cronus and Rhea. Like their brothers and sisters, with the exception of Zeus, Poseidon was swallowed by his father. To learn more about this in the creation of World and Humanity. He was the lord of the sea. It was highly revered by sailors. He married Amphitrite, a granddaughter of the Titan Ocean. His weapon was a trident, which could shake the earth and destroy any object. He was second only Zeus in power amongst the gods. Beneath the sea, which had a marvelous golden palace, its caves decorated with coral and sea, flowers, lit with a phosphorescent glow. He stood out in a chariot drawn by dolphins, sea horses other sea creatures. Answer these questions please:) special power / realm / role: Symbol: Heroic Trait: (by appointment) weakness / flaw tragical: (by appointment) greatest challenge: (by appointment)

I appreciate what you've written but it is my opinion that anyone here will not to do their homework. Having had friends with different reading problems know there are other options to help them with their studies. I suggest you use one of them.

Glow Coral

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