Goldfish Food

By · Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Goldfish Food
Can a Betta eat Goldfish temporarily?

My daughter won a goldfish this afternoon, unexpectedly. I have all the configuration of a fish, except I have food for betta fish that used to have, but food is not Goldfish. Until I can get to the store tomorrow afternoon, okay if I get a little or 2 goldfish Betta food?

There should be no problem with feeding your goldfish, Betta food. Only be sure not to overfeed. (That's a good rule, in anycase. And I'm sure you're aware that past experience with a dining room light, like a Betta.) And because food typically Betta fleet may want to add a splash of water before adding the food into the tank. Food is weighed a bit so that the scales (assuming) slowly drops below the water line. Goldfish can succumb to "swim bladder" / "swell" by having to reach the surface to eat and intake oxygen at the same time.

Sleeping turtle and goldfish asking for food

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