Gravel Filter

By · Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Gravel Filter
is bad in my situation, have an under gravel filter?

I did not know I bought a tank with an under gravel filter because I was in a hurry, and only took a cheap tank shelf. its 2 gallons, and all you have in it is a betta fish. I know that is not as good as that boat, that this work goes well although

The filter is not a problem, except it excludes any live plants that Better Place. The tank size however is a problem, or if you have a heater, which is a bigger problem. This is what you need to know for your Betta to live a long and happy life: 1. A 5-gallon cycle ( and … ) Tank is minimal for Betta health. The tanks and smaller vessels do not maintain a constant temperature, and it is almost impossible to maintain sanitation water. 2. A filter is necessary in tanks in order to keep the water sparkling and free of toxins. For Bettas, it is better to set the low flow filter, and that swimmers are not very strong. Another good option is a sponge filter, 3. A heater is essential. Bettas need warm steady temperatures around 80F, to prosper. The fluctuation leads to constant tension, which inevitably leads to disease and often death. You can find a cheap heater for a small tank at any store fish. 4. In a 5-gallon or larger tank, weekly water changes of 25%, using a gravel siphon needed. Water conditioner should be added to water before it is put in the tank to remove toxic chlorine, chloramine, metals, etc. Never change the water every Bettas, since this shock your Betta, and ultimately weaken it. 5. Bettas enjoy a well planted aquarium (use of live plants or silk, plastic can tear their fins), with a cave or two to explore and unwind. 6. Feed your Betta a pellet diet or good basic scales in place of frozen foods like brine shrimp and blood worms several times a week. Book a day for fasting. When proper care, Bettas have been known to live for 10 years. I have personally known living up to 6 people.

undergravel filter

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