Halide Ballast

By · Monday, May 4th, 2009

Halide Ballast

When it comes to grow lights and other electronic devices, a ballast is mechanism that acts as a kind of resistance. Packa similar to a "power" used with electric trains, its purpose is to regulate the amount of electric current flowing through a circuit.

If growth turns, as the high metal halide high pressure sodium or even fluorescent lights – were connected directly to an outlet, which continue to draw increasing numbers of electric current until it burned, exploded, or destroyed the power supply. It is therefore necessary ballast. The ballast provides positive resistance restricts the flow of electricity to the lamp.

Traditionally, the ballasts used with grow lights have been similar to those found in old systems automobile ignition time, ie a magnetic coil. The problem with these is that they were designed to create a certain amount of electrical current needed to operate the light, having reached this level, the power would be delivered to the cold bulb all at once. This caused a large gash on the bulb mechanism, shortening its life by a considerable degree.

The other problem is a "strobe, an" or flickering. This flickering is not normally perceived consciously by human eyes, but there again and again, makes it grow less efficient bulbs.

The new digital ballasts address these problems. First all, the electric current is not fired at cold bulbs at once, instead, these ballasts start by sending low levels of current to the bulb, and increased the quantity and the lamp warms up (known as starting a "soft"). Digital ballasts also provide a smooth, even the flow of electrical current, unlike magnetic core ballasts which cycle. This eliminates the destructive action that causes bulbs strobe lead early.

Another great feature of digital ballast is that it is a "INTELLIGENT.ES" Different types of grow lights have different power needs. In the past it was necessary to have different ballasts for metal halide lamps and HPS lamps, or at best special purpose (and often expensive) ballast I had a switch that allows one to change the light bulbs.

Today's digital ballast is optimized to distinguish between different types of grow lights and adjust its production accordingly.

The result is that grow bulbs are effective for twice as long as the energy of a magnetic coil ballast.

That said, it should be noted that not all digital ballasts are created equal. These can vary greatly in terms of quality and efficiency. Some digital ballasts can actually harm your plants by delivering enough current to the bulb, limiting its ability to emit light.

Moreover, while the yield coil ballasts starts to degrade after three years, digital ballasts do not.

If you are considering buying a href = "http://www.hidhut.com/"> digital ballast is a good idea to do some comparisons, and be prepared to spend a little more, a new, but rel = "nofollow" href = "http://www.hidhut.com/"> of cheaply made imported digital ballast from China might be worse than even an old coil ballast made in U.S.

As the owner of a hydroponics gardening store, Susan Slobac is intimately familiar with hydroponics grow systems and equipment. From digital ballast, LED grow lights and HPS grow lights, to grow systems using Deep Water Culture and aeroponics, Susan gladly shares her first hand experience with her customers.

Metal Halide Ballast

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