Hikari Wheat

By · Monday, October 5th, 2009

Hikari Wheat
What is the best food for cichlids?

Did you ever look at the ingredients of fish food you buy? What is the best value for your money? I have researched I have the yellow lab cichlids. They need to brine shrimp, beef and fish and alga spirulina. I looked at three brands food f of cichlids, the cheapest Age of Aquarius. There above ingredients were wheat, corn and rice. He also had to fishmeal and other foreign chemicals. The following was Hikari, who had white fish meal, brine shrimp and wheat. Spirulina was far down the list, but at least it was there. Next was the most expensive brand, I forgot the name. Fellet Salom had flour, white fish and shrimp Brime of adults with only 4% max ash content. But NO Spirulina, so I do not think that means for the purposes of the omnivorous yellow labs. I think I will go with Hikari. Here's my question: can we grow Spirulina there own? Could make my own brine to be profitable and good? What do you think?

I think it is Way Way too much into this. I mean give you the credit you're trying to make sure your Labidochromis Caereleus to receive the ideal food, which is very good of you, but I raise these fish, and they I mean, that does NOT have to go that far with him. What I do is make sure I have spiralina the first, and I give him high protein foods. Get any brand that fits your budget, which has a spiralina food encoated scales. Buy sperately frozen artemia, blood worm cubes. That's why I do and works very well. I generated my third round of Electric Yellows a couple of weeks. I also have my meal in the company scales, more than a year. Www.Jehmco.com

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