Hydrometer Aquarium

By · Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Hydrometer Aquarium
It is a filter with increased filtering capacity of an aquarium needs better than tanksize filter suggestested?

EXAMPLE: A filter for 80 gal. in a 30 gal. tank. Will it maintain very low nitrate level and allow more fish in the tank? If so, which filter is better or an emperor penguin. Besides, what about a protein skimmer and a powerhead, which is the best cheapest in the market for a 30 gal. What more need (for slatwater configuration)::: I have a 30 gal. tank, Stress Coat, cycle, swim testers, hydrometers, salt mixture, 10 pounds of live rock, gravel, Aqua safety, air pump. The deposit has been cycling for almost two weeks with live rock and snails on a lower filter, additives / water conditioners (Cycle, Stress Coat Etc.). I have to buy a better Bio Wheel filter set and a protein skimmer. If something is missing let me know im could use the help.

My tank has been doing much better after to put a bigger filter on mine. My levels have been much more controlled, and the water is much clearer. I was using a filter 20 gallons in the tank of 20 gallons of me, I switched to a filter 50 gallon, and seems to be doing wonders for my tank. My fish are all about 1 "and does not seem to have any problem swim against the current. I can definitively say your pulling more than the old filter, since any food that leaves the surface of the water goes to the collection filter. Asked to a similar question some time before you buy just the filter, and was basically told that you can not have much filtration.

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