Indian Almond

By · Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Indian Almond
My favorite Indian restaurant went out of business, and I do Pilau like yours. Help?

It contained raisins, almond slices, pods cardamom, and a whole clove or two. I can not find a recipe online that uses them. Could you give me one?

Start with a small sauting onion in butter or lard, add the rice, measure the rice and then the liquid, add spices, cardamom pods, cloves, bay leaf is good or a piece of wood cinnimon, add the liquid is reduced to where the use Basmati rice, cook it covered for 20 minutes turn off heat and add the raisins and almonds nut butter, let stand for 10-15 minutes and then cleared with a fork, I would remove any pieces of spices whole, I learned the most hard once. Measure the rice and water to 1 cup rice 1 1 / 4 cup water if rinsed basmati rice does not need much water.

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