Jebo Small

By · Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Jebo Small
That this view suitable for 2.5-5 gallon?

Hello everyone I was wondering if any of you ever tried these clip Jebo lights. Found one on eBay and wondered if it is effective enough to help the plants grow in a 2.5-5 gallon tank. Have any of u happen to know if this is a fluorescent? Thank you. Heres the link # ebayphotohosting

Looks good, you may be able to find cheaper or the same price at a local store though. That way if a problem is a bit down the line you can take back to store and get a replacement immediately. I consider that it is an open tank, take care of fish may jump out of them. Do not want to wake up one morning to find the fish has jumped and has pulled the carpet all night. If the get some floating plants or duckweed frogbit that will help your fish feel more secure and less likely to make a jump for him.

My 60g Jebo Fishtank

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