Killifish Guppy

By · Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Killifish Guppy

Anyone with fish reaching a particular stage when they decide they want to raise their tropical fish. The breeding of tropical fish is a fun and rewarding if done well. If you feel you want to raise the precious tropical fish and grow out of the springs then read on as this article provides advice for raising tropical fish.

General terms used and Guidelines

Fish farming is often called the spawning and this is an act of reproduction in fish. Fry is the term used for the small fish that have just been born. The method of spawning depend largely on the type of fish you have. While the breeding tropical fish you should know that cichlids spawn in the substrate, while tetras, guppies and barbs spawn in the plants. Killifish spawn on the other hand in the peat.

Ways to induce spawning

The most popular way to induce spawning is to reduce the pH of the water to mimic the effect of nature. Rainwater is acidic nature and most of the fry after the rains. In order to reduce the pH of the water can be used to soak a piece of wood floating in the water and then use that water during water changes. The large water changes also induce spawning fish. The correct way to use this technique is to feed the fish frozen blood worms or live for 1 week and then change the 50% of water in the tank.

Roads for fish spawning

Different species of fish spawn in different ways. Viviparous as male guppies, small fish and swordtails impregnate the female using a gonopodium which is a modified anal fin in males. The woman then became pregnant and gives birth to calves within 2 weeks. Livebearers are easy to generate and no special techniques are necessary to induce spawning. From livebearers are well known to devour their own young is always advisable to change to the pregnant woman to another tank in order to save the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. After the female spawns remember to draw of the tank, because you could eat the fry too. Spike, tetras and goldfish egg dispersal in plants and the male fertilizes the eggs. These fish are also known to eat their own fry and how best to protect the fry is to move the eggs to a smaller tank. Betas and gouramis Anabantoids as compression of the eggs females and males while fertilized eggs. Male anabantoids make good parents and most people leave the male fish to take care of the fry to the first week. Cichlids spawn in pieces of rocks or that do not touch the substrate to lay eggs. Male cichlids fertilize eggs after Women has put them. Cichlids good parents and both parents take turns to see the fry. Because cichlids show aggression to other tank mates during spawning the best thing to do is change the pair to another tank.

Tank Spawning

The tank size depends on the spawning fish are trying to breed. The tank spawning does not have to be as large as the main tank, but should be large enough for man to move away if things get rough. While that the breeding of tropical fish that you should remember that this deposit must have completed the nitrogen cycle and have a sponge filter and a plastic container few plants.

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