Koi Goldfish

By · Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Koi Goldfish

Lionhead Goldfish is one of the most common variants and also maintains one of the oldest types of Goldfish. They are from China and they called the Goldfish Lionfish (Shou-Xing) after the Chinese god of longevity. He was introduced in Japan and around the world.

Wen are characterized by the growth or covering the head completely the crown of the goldfish. The Wen covers the head, cheek and even the gills of fish (which may impair the ability of fish to breathe). This evolution is usually be more prominent in men than in women. Hood This can also be described as raspberry-like. The body of a Lionhead Goldfish usually streamlined and almost egg shaped. In generally have short fins and no dorsal fin. The tail of this fish colors can be totally or partially separated, or it may be webbed. There are several different colors for this variety of fish such as red, orange, blue and black. There is also a combination of these colors. There is a remote possibility that Lionhead goldfish color is pure white in color. This is mainly due to the fact that white is the color of death and mourning in China. The pure white fish are then removed and not allowed to participate in the rearing process. Lionhead Goldfish are not only variations in color, but also in form. The long-finned Lionhead Goldfish is a fish that is rarely elegant.

They are larger than normal Goldfish can grow to a length of 15 cm. So much space is needed. To promote healthy living for Lionhead Goldfish, there must be 15-20 gallons of water in the tank. They thrive in ponds, but must be moved inside during the extremely cold weather.

Despite being the name of a fierce animal, Lionfish Goldfish are not aggressive creatures and can live in harmony with other fish in the tank. However, you should avoid placing Goldfish varieties quickly. Lionhead can be slow and rapid Goldfish can eat the food intended for Lionhead. There are times when growth in their crowns grow too big and impede their vision. If this is the case with other fish place with visual impairments.

When Lionhead Goldfish care, taking special note are extremely sensitive to temperature changes water. These beautiful creatures gracefully swimming in their tanks or ponds will surely bring a smile to your face.

Reuben Song is a Goldfish lover. He is dedicated in helping other Goldfish owners by providing advices and tips about Goldfish care.

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