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By · Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

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Populated country India is the second largest in the world is still behind the scenes of scoring a good number of medals in the Olympic meet, but a few medals. Until now India has the honor of hoisting the Olympic Games and all efforts were in vain. So India finally decided to raise an event that surprised the world. Last year, India raised the biggest ever first Olympic Games and 2009 animals.

Animals from around the world were invited to participate in games and the whole world was shocked and India became the center of attraction for customers worldwide and exchange of foreign goods were taken to normalize the inflation rate was at the stage of hikeness. Intensive training was given to animals in India so that India could get the honor of number maximum medals at the games. Bhopal became the center of the elevation of the games. Kangaroo the national animal of Australia took the sacred torch all of Australia and handed to the Indian elephant, which lights the flame of the torch with the help of his trunk and the lion the king of the jungle said first Olympic game animals and 2009 was opened.

Our national bird peacock danced so well in the opening ceremony that glamourised the entire show. (March 25) The first contest took out was the bullfight between the bull and the Indians of Argentina fights. The rule is that two lines of the victory were developed between the two opposite sides of the two teams and each Once the team crosses the line of victory drawn within two hundred meters and emerged victorious. India Bulls fought so bravely that wounded bulls in Argentina and the five bulls were awarded gold medals. The next event is the swimming competition between Germans and Americans dolphins dolphins. The norm was the dolphin had to swim across the bay of Bengal to the Strait Park Sri Lanka. Dolphins swim both countries with good efforts and to counter the waves of water which was influenced by the full moon. In the full moon day, the waves were angry, but the Dolphins took all day to cross the Strait Park and dolphins German took the honor of defeating the Americans dolphins.

The next competition was the race of 1000 meters between the kangaroo from Australia, African leopard, German shepherd dog and the Indian bull. The race was very interesting and Australian kangaroo was declared the winner. Marathon race was very exciting. Was conducted in the Thar desert of Rajasthan (India). Camels from India, Pakistan, South Africa. and Australia participated in the game. The rule was that the camels to reach the border Pakistan's five hours. Strong storm winds and large obstacles that camels had to face, but India took the lead in the homeland and the line scale of victory and won the second gold medal. The next competition was the shooting competition between Pakistan and India monkeys monkeys. The shooting competition was held in LOC (LoC). The shooting was set on the Pakistani side (LOC) only with the question of Pakistan. Five monkeys were selected from each side. Five different established goals and five rounds were allowed to each individual monkey. Monkeys Pakistan could achieve three objectives. But when India turn the monkeys was conducted, soared beyond the target point and criticized the training camps near Pakistan. Soon after the Pakistan army went into action and shooting competition was canceled. Embassy of India had sent an apology to Pakistan Government that a mistake was made by a monkey who lost control shooting but India also said they were not informed of any training camps for exercises performed at the time. After this the matter was normal once again competition was held in India and the monkeys were declared winners.

In competition shooting ball, elephants of India defeated the Elephants of South Africa 5-3 margins. So far, India won four gold medals and in each and the story of the victory of all the newspapers in India are highlighted on the first page animals of India were much better than the human race that kept alive the hope of winning medals. The next game was soccer match between Korea and the Elephant Pakistan elephants. Pakistan beat the elephants to elephants and the Koreans by 5-4 margins recorded a first victory and took the gold medal. For a whole week (December 25-31Jan) games were carried out with honor and dignity.

Now comes the closing ceremony of the first of the animals and the Olympic Games 2009. 31 January became the history of India and India the same day ended the game with India following the medal tally of four gold medals, Pakistan one, Germany, one, Australia one. The whole world has seen the match live animals and a lot of recognition had come from Europe and America. Finally, Star India Bollwood and Hollywood stars attended the closing ceremony of the games. They also performed their shows, this glamourised the show much. The next game in the Olympic animals will be held in Islamabad, 25 December 2010 and Pakistan eagerly accepted the honor.

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