Lps Sps

By · Friday, August 7th, 2009

Lps Sps
Marina !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Help Coral

What are coral fragments?, And SPS corals LPS corals ?????????????

Coral fragments are pieces of broken coral so that you can put a piece of coral in another part of your tank and allowed to grow, or to sell or give away. I remember we got Dinky 3 fragments of this coral red cup from my LFS, and in a year that had grown to the size and shape of about 6 roses. LPS corals are large polyp stony corals. As its name implies, these are the corals with large polyps. Species such as coral hammer, frogspawn, bubble coral, torch coral, etc. The base is stone, but the polyps (the part that looks like bubbles) can grow and shrink a bit. SPS corals are small polyp stony corals. SPS corals are things like Acropora. The corals seem not to move. They need more light, because their small polyps have less surface area for absorbing light. LPS: http://z.about.com/d/saltaquarium/1/0/n/5/dlopeseuphylia_400.JPG MSF: http://www.geocities.com/roundbayreef/acroporanana.jpg Those are two good examples, and should really show the difference. Notice how the LPS has large inflatable type polyps, while the SPS seem rigid because it's polyps are too small to see from a distance.

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