Magnetic Brush

By · Monday, April 27th, 2009

Magnetic Brush
I felt electricity when a guy hit me, what does?

Theres a man in one of my classes I sit down with a. he used to play mine their feet under the table. every time I did, I felt that electricity very strong and the feeling of attraction inside of me. when the foot touches once, I nearly jumped out of my seat was so strong. when working on a project together the other day, kept his arm brushing against mine several times. and then when I walked touched my shoulder behind my back. just felt so good. I've had guys contact me before, but I've never felt such a strong connection with someone in my life. it was just a warm feeling magnetic through my body. I watch a lot. feel the connection too or is it just that I feel? I'ma bit shy so im afraid to tell my feelings. but it seems that my turn to purpose. his voice gets softer when it comes to me I realized. I do not know what to do about it. Anyone has experienced this before and what it means? I really like it.

Take the fist step baby. =] It is obvious that both enjoy. Ask him to the movies with you or simply the city. Be yourself, because that is what attracted him first. Have fun and arrange another date, if you liked the first time. TIP !!!!! NEVER kiss on the first date = D also if for some reason I said no, they simply shrug and walk away. dont ignore it, just act like you did before smile and such. Do not give him the satisfaction of mourn, you can do later when your alone. GOOD LUCK: D

Magnetic Brush

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