Marine Water Thermometer

By · Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Marine Water Thermometer

Before you even begin to get your tank ready, please ensure the following:

1) The weight of the tank is supported well (which is much heavier and with water in it). We recommend using an online calculator to find the weight to measures of aquarium.
2) There is no possibility of direct sunlight enters the tank at any time of year.
3) No leaks in the tank (silicone used to repair).

Setting Up Your Tropical Fish Aquarium.

You will need:

Gravel to put into the fund
Decorations and plants (plastic are easy to clean and maintain real plants are better for the fish)
Electric pump (with charcoal filters and sponge)
Heater (with thermostat set at 77 F)
Thermometer – with the figures clearly visible to see the real actual temperature
Light – fluorescent long life
Small Net

Buy flaked tropical fish food (food once a day only), blood worms (feed only occasionally), and water conditioner (for use when adding tap water).

Everything must be in place with the pump and the heater is operating for a few days before introducing fish.

The fish are compatible recommended: Angel Fish, Dwarf gourami, and Zebra Danio.
The Zebra Danio is very active and very resistant. The Dwarf Gourami are beautiful but tough as nails, which are actually the rulers of the tank. Of course, Angel fish are the highlight. They are awesome and very intelligent. When they see you enter the room, react trying to catch your attention to feed them! It warns they grow much, they become huge! I'm not kidding, it's really amazing how they become terribly huge.

No smaller fish have no monkey, that will get eaten! I do not care what experts say, I know what I see with my own eyes. You will not see it, but of course if no body is a terribly clear what really happened …

Cleaning your aquarium:

To clean the aquarium, need a cleaning of the siphon to pump some (third) of water.

Use a sponge with a scouring pad on other side to clean the glass inside.

You must make a complete and thorough cleaning every 2 months. Remove all ornaments and the use of chlorine (no, it will not hurt the fish) to absorb everything to 30 minutes. Rinse each piece very well under running water.

Take the filter apart completely to clean properly.

The water will become cloudy and ugly However, the fish will tolerate this temporary inconvenience. After a few hours the water should be very clear. Do not forget to use the water conditioner to treat tap water.

Enjoy the beauty of the interaction between fish in the aquarium of tropical fish cleaning!

My 2 Weeks Old 20 Gallon Salt Water Tank & Bangaii Cardinal

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