Mate Compact

By · Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Mate Compact

The year two thousand and ten gave birth to a new phone next generation iPhone 4G. The rumors are everywhere that the phone will be launched in February or March. But it seems that Apple wants to maintain it `s new secret device hidden for a longer period than expected. Haven `t be released yet, but the accessories updated previous iPhone there are some available in the market and wait for the phone to arrive. According to recent reports of Apple's new phone is expected to be launched in May or June. Some of the accessories designed exclusively for the iPhone 4G accessories are:

  1. AC to Decktop Naztech DC Car Charger Converter
  2. Portable Wireless load Powermat Mat – PMM – PT100
  3. SlotMusic ScanDisk 1GB MicroSD Memory Card Pre-Loaded MP3 Music
  4. Body Glove 9127601 Universal Clutch Case Black
  5. Ultimate Ears 3 Studio headphones
  6. Nokia BH – 500 Bluetooth Headset
  7. Wep430 OEM Samsung Bluetooth Headset – AWEP430JOECXAR

Naztech Decktop AC to DC Car Charger Converter:

Naztech's Desktop Charger meets the user `s requirement of power and always stay connected. The charger has a vibrant blue indicator light is off for the home and office too. In conformity with it `s environment and allows the user to charge your phone and iPod with simple plug and easy loading.

Powermat wireless Cargo Mat Portable – PMM – PT100:

Powermat is thin, flexible, practical and compact size mat designed to charge multiple devices wirelessly and adapts to people much because they can t Ravel carry anywhere, because it `s small. There `s no need for wires values and problems with them, all users have to do is put your device in the sea, while the table will charge it wirelessly.

1GB ScanDisk slotMusic MicroSD Memory Card Pre-Loaded MP3 Music:

With 1GB memory card pre-loaded with albums, lyrics, album art and with the support of many devices, mobile `s memory will likely receive a boost. The albums are loaded onto the card by famous artists such as Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Michael Jackson, Kanye West and many other singers, all wearing the quintessential musical pleasure you want.

Body Glove 9127601 Universal Black Pouch Clutch:

Body Glove 9127601 Universal Case Black clutch bag is an easy to carry mobile maximum protection against all damages. The bag is made of leather and is also universal size. That means it can contain many devices on the same.

Ultimate Ears 3 Bluetooth Studio:

Ultimate Ears 3 Studio Headphones gives quality sound incorporates unique study for ear loops keep earphones style the place and gives universal access to maximize comfort and minimize the sound around. These headphones are designed especially for people who love the low high and clear sound and want to experience the real heartbeat of the music.

Nokia BH – 500 Bluetooth Headset:

SA – 500 Bluetooth Headset are specially designed to support the driver while driving his car, because mobile phone use is prohibited by the traffic laws in throughout the U.S. and other countries. But with these headphones, the driver can now be connected to the phone 24 / 7 and can attend important calls.

OEM Wep430 Samsung Bluetooth Headset – AWEP430JOECXAR:

Wep430 OEM Samsung Bluetooth Headset – AWEP430JOECXAR has powerful features and sporty design innovative. The WEP430 supports the lifting of powerful and noise reduction technology and superior sound quality and echo cancellation.

It is designed as ergonomic ear-ring that tightly hold the ears and not letting go. The device is compatible with all phones with Bluetooth 2.0.

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