Metal Halide

By · Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Metal Halide
What fish / corals can I put in a tank with metal halide light, I can not with power compact lights?

What is the most fundamental difference between the 2 lights

For fish, no matter – do not use photosynthesis to make food. There are many differences between the compact fluorescent and metal halide, and not all differences relate to what is in your tank. MH but the lights are more intense and deeper into the water. They also produce the brightest "light effect that looks like you're actually in the ocean underwater. So MH is better for tanks deeper, and those with corals that are most in need of light intensity (small polyp stony corals, especially). Some of the other factors on MH you should know is that they also emit ultraviolet radiation, like natural light, so it could be sunburned if you spend too much time exposed to them. The lights should be protected from everything except the tank. They also cost more to run, because they have a higher energy use. And also produce more heat, which may necessitate the use of a refrigerator in the tank so the water stays within the temperature tolerance for corals (which must not be exposed to temperatures water over 84oF). Metal halide are also more expensive to buy, because they require special glass allows UV rays to pass. And do not think that only the cost of games here, because the lights begin to lose some of the intensity in the spectrum required for photosynthesis around 6-9 months, so that all lamps should be changed at least annually, although the lights have not yet burned. This link, and go into more detail in the technical aspects of light (lumens, wavelength, color temperature) does little more than a comparison of different types of lighting systems available (see bullet # 8):

Reef Tank Metal Halide Shimmer Effect

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