Million Air

By · Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Million Air
Radiometric dating, how to know what scietests gases were in the air?

scietests use radiometric dating to determine how old fossils. For this word of what they need to know things like, temperature, and certain gases that were in the air while he was alive. How know what kind of gases that were in the air millions of years ago?

For most of the radiometric dating methods no matter what gases are in the air. Radioactive elements that act like little clocks in the rocks are no different gases (excluding argon in K-Ar) and rocks time being they were not in contact with air when they formed (which is what is being dated – when the rock was formed). In addition, fossils are not usually dated using radiometric techniques, as they rarely contain enough radioactive elements. The rocks that are more often are radiometrically dated igneous rocks (volcanic and intrusive igneous rocks). Sedimentary rocks that contain fossils are dated on the basis of their location and cross-age relations court in connection with datable igneous rocks. Once established, there is certainty that the index fossil has been found to occur only in rocks of a certain age. And there it is the stratigraphic record that can be used to date sedimentary rocks …

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