Mogul Bulb

By · Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Mogul Bulb
Have you heard of a mogul base bulb fixture?

I have two lamps that are too old to fit Mogul base bulb. It is a little larger than a standard size bulb. It was this type of common light bulb to the U.S. only or extend to the UK and Europe. I wonder what was, if all the advantages of this type of bulb? I think the 1940s are floorlamps period. One of them is very ornate. Fortunately, when a local hardware going out of business I was able to buy about 7 of these bulbs for a dollar each. Should have said no and. I was referring to lamps that, personally, and not in general.

Yes I have used and the lights are still on the market. You should contact an electrical supply company not the local hardware store. The lights are not too common, but were used in some industrial applications. IDK about the UK. In the U.S. Lamp bases are chandeliers, Edison and mogul base sizes. Also a lot of miniature and compact bulbs.

Carbon Arc Lamp Projector at Roseland Theatre

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