Mounted Aquarium

By · Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Mounted Aquarium
I'm building a wall mounted on the wall show aquarium. What is the lightest yet strong material to use?

I need to create a wall laptop is going to be easy to transport in a palette of each month. Instead of taking the tanks out of the box at each fair, I decided to make a wall display boxes Stackable durable. I keep the tanks at all times mounted saved me time to re-install each time. I thought of some ways to achieve my goal. I can make a framed picture 65 "WX 46" HX 12 "D (2 stacked) with some kind of heavy 1" x2 "stud as a framework, then place a sheet of lightweight PVC weight over the picture frame or just use a light-heavy as plywood box. If a framed picture, will be 1 "x2" stud frame support the weight of 300 pounds of other framed painting (including the aquarium and the water) on top? Is 12 "deep for top and bottom of the box is sufficient to support the 300 pounds on top? If I use instead of plywood, is lighter weight than the use of 1 "x 2" + PVC sheet? Please help! ______ [Top box] [______] ______ [bottom] [_box__]

carbon nano fibers

Aquavista 500 Wall Mounted Aquarium

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