Nano Cube

By · Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Nano Cube

Yonex badminton rackets are used by more top players than any other manufacturer. Yonex are the dominant force in badminton today. The question is, are the best?

The Yonex racket is the latest ArcSaber 10 and sells for around £ 160, which almost makes it the more badminton racket expensive ever made. Other top end Yonex rackets are Armortec series and the series of Nano speed. The series of muscle strength are also still going strong. Prices these rackets ranging from about 80 pounds and 110 pounds, a significant amount of money to invest in a badminton racket.

In my opinion, snowshoes Yonex badminton are quality products, but I think prices are a little too high. There is fun to break his racket badminton racquet clashed with their partners, especially when his bat back to back just over £ 100. This happens again and again, and offers no warranty on the land cover damage accidental. I know from personal experience, and at that time, no racquet worth the money, especially if you've only broken racket.

I have used many racquets Yonex badminton over the years, from the cab early 8DX, CAB 20 and CAB 21. The CAB 21 is one of my favorite racquet of all time, an absolute classic. Then I Aerotus series moved to the Yonex, which proved a big disappointment. I had 3 of these and they all broke, and not someone elses racket i might add.

After this bad experience we began using Carlton badminton rackets, and can say they are excellent badminton rackets. If you are looking for an alternative a Yonex badminton rackets Carlton then I recommend giving a try. I still use the Carlton Airblade Tour, as well as Yonex rackets.

Yonex has now got strong competition in the west. Wilson and head are now conducting more badminton rackets and more. With a proven track record in tennis, which now are being experience in badminton. This can only benefit us gamers, and variety is the spice of life.

However, in the Far East, Yonex dominates. They have a larger selection of rackets that cater to all standards. They have been producing badminton rackets or more other companies, and are always at the forefront of technology. The range of test ArcSaber is not resting on its laurels.

Yonex badminton rackets are probably the best you can achieve. The fact that you can see almost every top ten badminton players using their equipment adds to his reputation. After all, if good enough for the best players must surely be good enough for us, right?

You can learn more about yonex badminton rackets plus help and advice on choosing a badminton racket

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