Ohio River

By · Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Ohio River
Has anyone heard of a big creature that lives at the bottom of the Ohio River?

My mother had jury with this gentleman who was an engineer civilian who is trained to dive to great depths (in exceptional cases and pay for it) in the Ohio River. Well, he and his team of divers saw a living great move tentacles. He told the town NEVER call him to do a dive there again, despite the money – he and his team were really scared! He said it was much more larger than an octopus. Does anyone know anything about this?

If this were true, would have been widely reported. Octopus range in size from a few centimeters of incalculable size in the oceans, but I've never heard of freshwater species. Probably the biggest thing on the river are giant catfish over 100 pounds.

Jake Speed & The Freddies – Ohio River Waltz

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