Pet Fish

By · Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Pet Fish
How do you know where you got your fish from the animal and fish is safe and humane?

Because I have a pet parrot Jellybean, but I'm not taking care of fish and want to be very good for her. Do I need an aquarium or an aquarium with a filter luxury and lights? How much space with which you need? How often havet clean the tank? Should I get one or more of what isn't lonely? How do I know if the pet store tell me what is safe and responsible? Thank you very much?

Well For starters, I recommend never cichlids beginners, for various reasons, and a blood parrot cichlid is. But to answer your questions 1. You need a "fancy aquarium" fish should NOT ever in a bowl 2. A bird in the blood (Jellybean parrot, same species) needs about a 55gal tank 3. The cleaning is necessary at least once a week changing the water, keeping water parameters, etc. 4. Best kept in species tanks or with another medium sized semi-aggressive cichlids Americans. Must not be kept with small fish to be eaten 5. You do not know how or where they were treated come, if they are bred or wild caught. Most petstore are responsible and refunds and warranties, if something happens Fishkeeping is a great hobby to get in, but Please do your research, even before buying the team. Many people do not do their research and give together, because common errors made simply because they knew what they were doing. I'll give you some links to look to get a good starting point. Make sure you understand how the nitrogen cycle, as the creation of a successful aquarium and learn about some different families and species of fish. Some good fish to start would be about guppies, Plati, fishes, swordtails, Cori, tetras, white cloud minnows, danios, etc, good, hardy fish community. As I said I would not recommend any of cichlids for beginners, simply because most of the cichlids are aggressive and territorial, can only be accommodated with certain fish and a large number of cycles (such as dwarves, Lake Tanganyika, etc.) need specific parameters of water and if you do not understand what they are or how they work, more than likely that your pet dies, he is frustrated and could give up the hobby altogether. Heres a few websites, check out their beginner articles and only read on if you need help or have any questions please email me at any time or call the Y! A community!

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