Phosphate Filter

By · Monday, April 13th, 2009

Phosphate Filter

A new revolution in the aquarium industry is here!

Ever dreamed of an aquarium that takes care of your car?

The aquarium is seen as natural and beautiful as this world has to offer, but everything is run by a small hidden on-board computer.

This magnificent 1000lt system totally computer controlled, using various sensors, timers and a trip computer with LCD display complete the interface with the computer at home. All teams in hiding in the closet underneath so nothing in the tank to reduce the beauty of the animals that inhabit it.

The fish and corals in this tank thrive, grow and spread as they would in nature.

To begin the 4 actinic blue T5 lights fade in one at a time from 2% to 100% to simulate the dawn. Then halides 250W 140,000 Kelvin molten metal in one at a time until all 3 are at full capacity, which will simulate the middle of the day. During the day several of the 7 Globes systematically will vanish and not simulate clouds going over his head. Then the lights fade all in the same way they came to simulate the sun in the evening. Once it's night light of the moon will come on allowing you to correct the light of wonder at their quarry, as it would at night in nature. Set the moonlight can be natural pre for lunar cycles which are even able to stimulate coral that has soared to the mass spawning in the aquarium as they do on the reefs of the world at a particular time of year. The lighting system is only worth $ 10,000 and is almost entirely controlled by its own board computer with digital LED display.

The flow of Water ran over the German line of pumps that sit on the filter housing connected to the onboard computer. They are made by circulating water 13000lt clock for an hour then goes off and a separate set of pumps to circulate on the water in the opposite direction 13000lt against the clock. With the operate the equipment and conditions different currents are able to create during the day, it is sometimes calm, sometimes Ruff. The equipment can be set to any combination, as slow on one side and powerful then the other. This reduces the risk of deadlocks in the tank and always ensures an adequate flow anywhere in the tank.

The temperature is controlled by an aquarium heater goes into the filter and a water cooler, connected to both titanium-board computer. With the use of high-power heating and cooling tank can be stabilized in a perfect 24'C.

The aquarium is filtered by a reverse refugium full of light, which is a deposit separately in the main tank. This is the style of aquarium filtration model. It offers the natural assimilation of biological decomposition of fish waste by algae and bacteria growing on it. It also stabilizes the water chemistry as the light on the filter, while it is in the light over the tank is off, reduces photosynthesis has impact on the chemistry of this closed system. As algae grow in the filter can be harvested thus removing the nutrients that it has collected. The sterilizer Electronic UV also helps protect fish from disease as possible during the breaks.

The probes in the water are able to tell the onboard computer exactly what is happening with the water and the computer are programmed to be able to fix it. This equipment can even connect to your computer and allow you to access all data the Internet from anywhere in the world. In the case of an emergency, the team also can send a text message directly to your mobile phone telling you what you need care and how to fix it.

As corals grow are used a lot of calcium and other trace of water must be replaced in an aquarium. This tank will maintain the calcium level perfect as it has a calcium reactor connected to the onboard computer that can deliver a steady flow of calcium and pH level for the deposit 24 hours a day.

From 12 different bottles of supplements daily doses administered with the aid of metering pumps connected to the onboard computer. These include iodine, magnesium, iron, strontium carbonate, and many more that all the support of filter feeding corals. Just as its corals, the team can also work with an automatic feeder to ensure that the fish are fed while you're away.

The aquarium also has a large phosphate filter to ensure that you do not have to clean your aquarium regularly due to algae growth. Other scavengers, such as snails, abalone, sea urchins and herbivorous fish are also useful this work to ensure a beautiful tank throughout the year.

The tank also has a protein skimmer that connects to the computer and is able to react quickly and remove any accumulation of waste produced many over time with a full tank of fish messy.

The tank is able to up his car with RO water to combat the problems of evaporation and is able to give your car a water change. When the computer activates the aquarium is the moment due to the readings of the tube that drains the water out of his car into the drain and fill your own backup again using either fresh or salt water already made. It can also fix your car if its salinity is wrong once again carrying out their own water changes.

Although there is no such thing as a reef aquarium keeping are not sure about.

I have told you able only a small amount of features that this amazing system is capable of doing.

As a system valued at about $40000 it is not a reality to everyone but as this technology is now available, it is only likely to get more affordable in the future to the point that one day a self cleaning reef aquarium will be possible to most people.

Who knows what the aquariums will be able to do by then? I have more on Marine or Reef Aquariums at where I put my years of expertise into a double dvd which I am sure if you read this article and enjoyed you will love this product.

Good luck and enjoy

Paul Talbot

Paul’s interest in fish species and aquariums started early in life. He has worked in the aquarium industry all his working life and has been able to transfer his passion as a hobbyist to his customers. His wealth of experience is an advantage to corporate and hobbyist customers alike. Paul has written many articles for both international and local magazines. He has bred many types of fish and propagated many types of coral. His Instructional Marine Aquarium DVD can be found at

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