Plant Java

By · Monday, December 21st, 2009

Plant Java
How plants in an aquarium plant?

I rock gravel. Do you need any special substrate? I would get a fern Java. and maybe a grass like plant. can you please help? They can also be placed on rocks or driftwood? as paste or linked to them?

Plants like Java fern and annubias propagate with rhizomes (which seems to their roots), and when they are buried, may die. I zip tied mine (but you can use sewing thread or fishing line) to a river rock or other heavy objects or ornaments hanging down. Over time they will grasp an object (like floating) and anchor. Other plants, like wisteria plant stem water, swords and Ludwigia need to be buried in the substrate to the root. Use small cups or containers with a substrate floors for them instead of plants or re-do the entire deposit if you prefer, as the soil can be quite expensive. Just cover over lightly with the current gravel to hide the soil and voila! Something like potted plants in the backyard. Best of Luck!

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