Planted River

By · Friday, February 27th, 2009

Planted River

Wines from Germany

If I were writing about wine 100 years ago and I mentioned the second most famous wine region of the world, would surprised to find that I was talking about Germany?

Grown in the most northern wine-growing region in the world, Germany is facing some of the conditions more challenging in the world. These harsh growing conditions of German winegrowers strength to elect their grapes with great care. The main grape is planted in Riesling region, which is perfectly adapted to extremely cold weather, it is able to maintain intense flavor (although only one or two flavors often present), keeping a degree of acidity very high. Many German Riesling wine drinkers describe the top and have some energy for that is common in any other wine.

The cultivation, with temperatures as cold imposes its own set of problems, so German winegrowers must make every sacrifice imaginable to reach maturity. To allow their grapes begin to ripen on the vine for a longer time then any other region. It is not uncommon that the vine was not collected until the beginning of November when most other wine regions are gathering in September.

The German producers also choose their vineyard sites carefully. It relies only on the slopes facing south to save every second of sunlight during the day. In addition to its plant vines near the river as possible. They do so because the river keeps winter temperatures higher than elsewhere, but also because sunlight is reflected in the river can add a small touch at maturity.

Finally, the most common soil is Slate. The slate is a porous soil to keep the heat on for long periods, while being porous enough to allow the roots over a great distance. This board is so much appreciated that when the pieces fall by a south-facing slope, hands vineyard pick and return to the vineyard of the tray.

A word about the vineyard hands, would you be surprised to learn that the average worker in a German vineyard is a woman of 60 years old retired? As you can see German wines are surprising for their quality and openness on the basis of its existence at all. Try a German wine in the future, you might be surprised what you find, I know I was.

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