Pond Aquarium

By · Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Pond Aquarium

Used to be that the heating of a Koi pond is made only by the very high end Koi keepers. It used to be very expensive and mostly Koi are mainly kept in cold did not need heating in the colder months. Today Koi are kept in much colder climates and the cost of heating a koi pond is much smaller.

My advice to most of the owners of Koi is unless you live in warmer climates, consider heating your pond. For the warming we are not talking just to keep it free of ice during the winter. You want to maintain a minimum temperature of 54 – 57F. This will reduce the danger fluctuations in temperature and to allow your Koi feed throughout the year. Remember that most of the fish that is imported in colder climates have not been exposed to low temperatures in the colder months. Heating could prevent many and safeguard the health of your fish. You've made the investment, why not protect it.

There are basically two ways to warm your Koi pond. The easiest way to install and most effective line of electric water heater. The heater is installed in the return line after external pump if used in a gravity fed system. You should figure about one kilowatt of electricity per 1,000 gallons of water. Depending on the water temperature this can vary. I always suggest getting a heater for a little more powerful than you need to not have to run continuously in the colder months.

The other option you have is a heat exchanger system. Although more expensive to buy and install that are cheaper in cost of operation. The heat exchanger is essentially a radiator that the pond water is pumped through heat. The water in the radiator is heated by a small boiler which is fired by natural gas, electricity or oil.

Whether the Koi pond heat or not, always a good idea to cover in the colder months. Simply do not air tight. The best covers have zippered vents to allow gases to escape and build up to allow access to the fish if necessary.

John Stoner is an author and Koi Fish Enthusiast. Learn more about Koi pond care and get many other tips in his latest book on Koi care

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