Pond Care

By · Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Pond Care

Winter is a critical time for a fish pond and should be planned with care, as in the harsh winters that are at risk of losing all your stock. In any region if you want your fish to survive the winter, then your pond should be at least 3 feet deep. It is best to first establish the kind of winters usually have as in areas where it is really hard for long periods of time that his is probably the best option to remove the fish indoors during the winter. This can be done either in a tank or a temporary pool.

Feed your fish and in the summer so they can 'bulk' up but stop feeding as soon as the temperature drops below 50 degrees. Then go into hibernation and feeding them during this time could cause digestive problems and possibly killed.

If you have a water feature like a waterfall connected to the pond, if possible, leave it on all winter as this will make it harder water to freeze and restore oxygen to the pond. If the winters are too severe for this maybe you should consider the introduction of an air brick to help keep the bubble and a small hole in the ice and also provide oxygen.

The main thing is to try to prevent the entire surface of your pond from freezing. If the pond freezes for NOT breaking the ice as the shock waves can kill fish. Some people suggest putting a ball in the surface of the pond as this will allow a small area to stay open.

Planning for the winter and taking precautions before in bad weather sets must ensure that the fish will still be with you this semester!

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Pond Maintenance

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