Pond Plants

By · Saturday, January 17th, 2009

Pond Plants
Hyacinth pond plants?

Jacinto pond plants I bought online from Louisiana. My question is this. The O's purchased last year in the shop was round bulb and thick leaves. I've been to LA have long thin leaves and thick stems at the end of the stems. I put my plants in water and put on their sides. The last year floated straight up and down. "These new plants float on the water surface or in case of being in a pot at the bottom of the pond? The system root is the same. Thank you! George

What you have been in LA is more of a wild hyacinth. The wild grow together and support each other to that will stand. While the roots are in the water that will be fine. I purchased these several times without problems. Before putting them in the pond should wash and soak in a tub of tap water for 24 hours to kill any bacteria that might come from a wilderness area

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