Pond Pump

By · Friday, August 7th, 2009

Pond Pump


Realistically, if you want something more than a pond, then you will have to invest in a pump – unless you are lucky to have a natural stream or waterfall in your garden, there are essentially three types of water pump. The first and most common is the submersible pump, located within the body of water in the pond, which is connected to a hose, which carries the water distributed up and away.

The second type of pump is designed to be used out of water, it is only the surface of the pump is designed for use on land. This has the advantage of being very powerful, so the water can be pumped over long distances, or very high for a spectacular fountain. That should be housed in a dry, well ventilated, such as a garage or shed, to avoid the problems associated with the electricity mix with water (although there are in fact-in diesel and gasoline more powerful versions). Because not only surface pumps are under water, can be disassembled and repaired more easily. These pumps are, however, expensive. Neither come with lots of "extras" such as connectors, filters, hoses, etc. that will be necessary components for the final system, and add to costs.

The third and last type is the double purpose as the pump can be used as a submersible pump or a surface pump. Some brands need to be housed in a lower level than the water level, so a separate deposit is required. However, these pumps offer flexibility to change their mind about their meeting and use.

Of course, if you want to use features like a waterfall and an independent source, installation one pump for each feature can be more satisfactory.

The performance of any pump is affected by the following variables: temperature water pipe width and length, every angle in the pipes or connectors and the number of water features connected to the pump. With features specific factors like the expected height fountains and waterfalls, and the volume of water. All these can cause the loss of friction that affect the head vertical, ie the maximum height the pump can supply water. For all these reasons, it is generally advisable to buy a pump slightly exceeds the maximum amount of flow your property (s) will need. To calculate the correct size pump for your pond, the first thing to determine the volume of water. You need a pump that can distribute a total volume equivalent to the pond every two hours. All pumps of goodwill on the container declaring the amount of water moving, so this is not a difficult decision. What is difficult, however, is the choice of dozens of makes and models available.


This can work their magic and bring water at night, especially during hot summer nights. Interesting effects can be created by using colored lights to illuminate the water goes down a waterfall, or cascade, or flow up and down from a source. Witness some of our great public fountains in the city centers: they spectacular evening that displays the time.

This may sound like something only a technical expert to try. Not so. Modestly price kits can be purchased at garden centers, and they often come with different colored lights. More sophisticated versions, even change colors in motion traveling through the discs bulbs.

The lighting installation requires a degree of care and attention, as with all outdoor appliances. Low Voltage Lighting is especially easy and quick to install, with the simple push fit connections. You can even combine into a pond lights garden lighting on the same cable.

For a circular pond, far from the center to the side and the square is as follows: multiply the result by 3.14. Multiply this by the depth of the pool (in feet) and multiply the result by 6.25 for the volume in liters. Take a minute to digest this and try to solve by itself – it really does not need a Einstein!

If you want to know your pond volume in liters is easier to convert the total gallon age directly, referring to a table conversion. Note that one gallon equals 4.546 liters.

Sink garden gives an appealing look to your garden. Learn how to build sink garden and also ideas about how to structure your garden. This is worth doing.

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