Pond Water

By · Monday, January 26th, 2009

Pond Water
Do you have aquarium salt help reduce the water in my pool turn green, clear?

I have small outdoor pool and have some goldfish and do not have much problem with pests and the goldfish in my pond water is green. as pea soup. I will try my aquarium fish with salt. But I wonder is the salt water helps me clean, too green or not? Thank you and how much salt Is it necessary to put in my 250 liters to door to make my pond water clear?

Use a UV filters for algae. The algae are causing the green color of the pond. When using salt, it is good to maintain a concentration of 1-3% in fresh water. my pond 160gal only 1.33lbs and put non-iodized salt, sea salt or canning salt. any salt that has no additives.

Microscopic View of 5 ul Pond Water

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