Powerhead Aquarium

By · Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Powerhead Aquarium
Aquarium Powerheads How work?

I am preparing an aquarium of 72 liters and I'm looking for some Powerheads .. I'm thinking of the Maxi-Jet brand. My question is, do you just take the head to get out of the box and paste it somewhere in the tank? Is there a hose or pipe necessary? Is there air mixed with water to help oxygenate the water? Or just suck the water out of a hole and pull out the other? In that case, there is the explosion of sand and gravel all over the place?

If you use an underground filter, you can ride in the vertical tubes instead of the air stone. Suction cup only others knew that glass, which should come with a hose that hooks to it under water and then hang outside the aquarium and has a rubber filter, you can use to increase airation. Keep the tank top a few inches below water level, so your fish does not blow around. Its main purpose is to circulate the water, while airating she. Positioning may depend on the selection of fish, since different types of fish occupy different parts of the aquarium. Also, if the filter is only one side of the tank you can use to distribute the water in the filter, so that no dead-end with the waste will be collected.

Vortech MP20 Powerhead

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