Powerhead Pump

By · Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Powerhead Pump
Hydor Koralia is a 2 head power / turbo pump too much for my 29 gallons of saltwater aquarium BioCube?

It is a powerhead Hydor Koralia 2 / turbopump BioCube too much for my 29 gallon saltwater aquarium. The guy who goes to the fish and other things have one in your BioCube and your tank is really nice. When I put mine in, but my arrow fish and crab were almost all at the same place in my tank. Is it too much water flow for them? I think I might be trying to reach a place of less common, but I'm not sure if you only have to get used to it and will be fine after a while. Please Help! Thank you!

Depends of the population in your tank. If you are slow swimmers, as the clownfish and seahorses, it would probably be too much, unless more positions to allow areas yet. Live rock can be placed strategically around the tank to allow the resting points for the fish they need to escape. You can also face it towards the top more, the less current or in a corner, and thus provide. If it remains too strong, try a 1 or a Koralia Koralia nano.

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