Pump Air Stone

By · Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Pump Air Stone
If I have the power filter Aquarium are listed below, do I need an air pump and air stones?

It http://www.marineland.com/sites/Marineland/products/productdetail.aspx?id=2054&cid=2006&mid=3226 It is correct if the filter poet dumps water back below the surface?

A couple of corrections with the posters above. First, and most importantly, fish can not break the molecular bonds of water. H2O in an aquarium stays H2O. Fish gills extract dissolved oxygen (O2) in the water passing through them. Of oxygen (dissolved O2) enters the water through the agitation of the surface. Waves, waves, splashes of water from the filter, the disruption caused by a stone bubble … all these add oxygen to water. There are a couple of things in a bubble stone and an air pump will do for water. The first, mentioned above, there will agitation of the surface. The second, creates a current that brings water from the bottom of the water column at the top, allowing gas exchange to happen, which puts oxygen in the water. The thing is, a filter does this too. In most situations, the filter is only going to create enough agitation to allow enough oxygen to enter the water. There are some exceptions. If the water is warmer, may not be enough. If your tank is crowded, is not sufficient. But a rule of 76-78 degrees and no more temp range should be sufficient. Another note, the fish with a labyrinth organ require less oxygen in the water. They can to get the bulk of taking gulps of air. Thus, for a betta, a filter is more than enough.

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