Pvc Aquarium

By · Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Pvc Aquarium
How to tunnel under the aquarium $ 5.?

I'm getting a new gallon aquarium and I want the 2nd tunnel for it. I have a Tho. I do not want to make a PVC one because I'm only 13 and prefer not to use a saw. Does anyone have any good idea for a cave for my aquarium? Does anyone know what the pots can also put in my tank because I have seen people with pots that aquarium. Thx

Small red clay pots. most are available for less than $ 5. If you are looking for them and find the label of terracotta these are the same thing. Look at minimum, Walmart, Home Depot and any garden store.

African cichlid tank/aquarium with PVC

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