Reef Aquarium

By · Friday, March 13th, 2009

Reef Aquarium

What makes a reef aquarium stand apart from a standard fish tank is saltwater live coral. Nothing can compare to the colors of natural movement and beauty that can bring live coral aquarium. While there have been recent advances in the reef aquarium hobby keeping corals that make life easier, not all of them are so easy to maintain and some are almost impossible, and leaves the advanced hobbiest. However, there are some very good beginner popular aquarium corals that are not only easy of caring and resilient, but they provide both the beauty and enjoyment of your reef aquarium.

Good Beginner Coral Aquarium

Mushrooms – This is by far the easiest to maintain and care and the longest life of any of the beginner corals. They come in a wide variety of colors and thrive in low light conditions so that a large face lighting system is not necessary. They often grow rapidly and can cover a piece of your tank quickly.

Bubble Coral – This is a large stone or LPS coral polyps, as referred to in the hobby. It is easy to care for, to eat solid food and will tolerate low light levels. Do not place this coral in a high flow area or never be opened. They come in white, tan and green. The family of LPS is also filled with many coral aquarium that are easy to care for and beautiful.

The Soft corals – This family is full of some very fast growing and easy-care coral that are great for reef keeper again and provide slow rhythmic movement to your reef aquarium. Most develop in the middle of the light s power to establish covenants usually will be fine too are very tolerant of water conditions.

Green Star Polyps – These are the beautiful green neon polyps that thrive in almost any system. You need good water flow in order to prevent dirt and debris outside. Other then that grow well under medium light and grow faster. They grow so fast that often spread to the back of the tank walls further enhancing the beauty of the tank.

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