Reptile Cage

By · Monday, October 5th, 2009

Reptile Cage

Boa constrictor has become one of the most popular of all snake species in recent years for good reason. They are really beautiful snakes, usually very docile and easy to handle and care needs with relatively modest. They are, however a large snake, and as such requires a large enclosure and solid. There are a number of different approaches to housing boas, so we will Have a look at each in turn.

Nursery melamine

Melamine is a synthetic material composed of reconstituted sheet covered by a waterproof plastic veneer. It's cheap, light and water resistant making it a material ideal for snake enclosures. Terrariums can be purchased ready built, or not mounted in a huge variety of sizes. They also can be ordered in custom sizes provider of many, and are very easy to build for anyone with reasonable DIY skills.

They are usually rectangular with sliding glass doors in the front. Vents or air must be included as a good ventilation is essential. A 6 'by 2' by 2 'nursery is ideal for a boa adult.

Melamine Terrariums are a popular choice because they are durable, inexpensive and easy to clean. Care must be taken however with the inner corners that can be difficult to clean and harbor the bacteria.

Plastic nursery

Modern plastic terrariums are now available in a growing range of sizes. They're tough and lightweight and have rounded inside corners making them very easy to keep clean. Are available with sliding or hinged doors, and some are pre-wired for heating and lighting.

They tend to be more expensive than melamine terrariums, and do not always have such a wide range of sizes available, but its ease of setup and use make them a popular alternative for housing boas.

Built in the nursery

An alternative to using a hardware store or nursery purchased standard is to build one instead. If you have an appropriate niche, and between 2 walls, or under the stairs, built in a nursery can look great, and give your snake a lot of room. The exact size and shape depends on the space available, so you should take this into account before deciding on a building on campus. Boas are mostly terrestrial surface so More important than height, though many boas rise is given the chance, especially when young.

The advantages of a building on campus, of course, the ability to customize the look and size specific to their needs, and built in enclosures can look fantastic.

The choice final shape of the house of your boa will be a matter of personal choice. Depending on your budget, the space you have available, and possibly your DIY skills has a number of options. While there are other housing options, the three that I have covered here are best suited for anyone keeping a boa home alone.

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